Brotlipy: Python Bindings to the Brotli Compression Algorithm

Brotlipy is a collection of CFFI-based bindings to the Brotli compression reference implementation as written by Google. This enables Python software to easily and quickly work with the Brotli compression algorithm, regardless of what interpreter is being used.

Brotlipy has a very similar interface to the standard library’s zlib module:

import brotli

# Decompress a Brotli-compressed payload in one go.
decompressed_data = brotli.decompress(compressed_data)

# Alternatively, you can do incremental decompression.
d = brotli.Decompressor()
for chunk in chunks_of_compressed_data:
    some_uncompressed_data = d.decompress(chunk)

remaining_data = d.flush()

# You can compress data too.
compressed = brotli.compress(uncompressed_data)

For more details on the API, see API Documentation.


Brotlipy’s source code is made available under the MIT license. Brotli itself is licensed under Version 2.0 of the Apache Software License.