Source code for wsproto


A WebSocket implementation.

from typing import Generator, Optional, Union

from .connection import Connection, ConnectionState, ConnectionType
from .events import Event
from .handshake import H11Handshake
from .typing import Headers

__version__ = "1.2.0+dev"

[docs] class WSConnection: """ Represents the local end of a WebSocket connection to a remote peer. """
[docs] def __init__(self, connection_type: ConnectionType) -> None: """ Constructor :param wsproto.connection.ConnectionType connection_type: Controls whether the library behaves as a client or as a server. """ self.client = connection_type is ConnectionType.CLIENT self.handshake = H11Handshake(connection_type) self.connection: Optional[Connection] = None
@property def state(self) -> ConnectionState: """ :returns: Connection state :rtype: wsproto.connection.ConnectionState """ if self.connection is None: return self.handshake.state return self.connection.state def initiate_upgrade_connection( self, headers: Headers, path: Union[bytes, str] ) -> None: self.handshake.initiate_upgrade_connection(headers, path)
[docs] def send(self, event: Event) -> bytes: """ Generate network data for the specified event. When you want to communicate with a WebSocket peer, you should construct an event and pass it to this method. This method will return the bytes that you should send to the peer. :param event: The event to generate data for :returns bytes: The data to send to the peer """ data = b"" if self.connection is None: data += self.handshake.send(event) self.connection = self.handshake.connection else: data += self.connection.send(event) return data
[docs] def receive_data(self, data: Optional[bytes]) -> None: """ Feed network data into the connection instance. After calling this method, you should call :meth:`events` to see if the received data triggered any new events. :param bytes data: Data received from remote peer """ if self.connection is None: self.handshake.receive_data(data) self.connection = self.handshake.connection else: self.connection.receive_data(data)
[docs] def events(self) -> Generator[Event, None, None]: """ A generator that yields pending events. Each event is an instance of a subclass of :class:``. """ yield from if self.connection is not None: yield from
__all__ = ("ConnectionType", "WSConnection")